Customer feedback:

I've recently looked at your site having just returned from a stint in the hospital. I was feeling really low, and fed up with being housebound and went to Music Mosaic to check out new releases. I haven't stopped listening to the new albums and I've finally got a copy of Didgeridoo Rocks as well as a couple of other albums lined up for downloading.

You've really cheered me up, and although it hurts to boogie, I'm bopping in my bed to all the wonderful and funky sounds with a big cheesy grin on my face. I can't believe I am the only person to have downloaded Didgeridoo Rocks btw. I love the way we can choose to pay a set price for an album or donate what we believe the creativity is worth - an inspired idea.

Keep the mixes flowing and thank you from me and my partner for the groovy times your music gives to us.

Thanks again for persuading the artist's to allow us to download their wonderful contributions. Being the other side of the world it makes it easier for me to shop, and I can enjoy it anywhere on my mp3 player, not just at home on a CD. Here's to me bopping on my feet again soon.

Regards, Michaela Benson, UK


Didgeridoo Rocks!

World-Beat, Trance-Dance

Spellbinding didge rhythms from today's most gifted players and re-mixers in the tribal, trance-dance, world-fusion, groove and chill-out scene...

Deep enigmatic tones blend with punchy percussion, haunting horns, smooth melodies and animal calls that stir the soul and move our feet to the wild mysteries of timeless Spirits. Didgeridoo Rocks!



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Track name by artist/band
Giri Mana by Ganga Giri
Ganga Giri: didgeridoo, percussion, vocals - Don Peyote: programming
Aircreep! by Yomano
Yomano: keyboards, programming - Angsar-M. Stein: didgeridoo
Rhythm Breathing by Charlie McMahon & Gondwana
Charlie Mc Mahon: didgeridoo - Junko: vocals - Tony Wandaller: programming
Regen #13 by Stein & Turnbull
Angsar M. Stein: didgeridoo - Joss Turnbull: cajon percussion box
Butcherbird Boogie by Tarshito
Tarshito: guitars, percussion, programming
Dr Didge & Ray Brown: didgeridoo - Birds: calls and chirps!
T1 by Yomano + Meurer
Yomano : keyboards, sounds, percussion, programming - Markus Meurer: didgeridoo
Dream by eMDee  
Mark Hoffman: didgeridoo - Lukas Bendel: drums, percussion - Shayote Carter: vocals
Water by Stephen Kent
Stephen Kent: didjeridu, percussion, guitar, bass, tape atmospheres Peter Valsamis: drums - Shea Comfort: zurna - Simon Tassano: programming
Tablaridoo by Ariel Kalma
Joy Lerich: keyboards - Babu Das: tablas Ariel Kalma: didgeridoo, saxophone, synth, guitar, FX
Madurai by Arbre Noir
Rudiger Schlecht: didgeridoo - Stefan Lillig: melodica - Jens Dittberner: bass
Mickael Vassallo: electronics